About Me

Hi! I'm Jessica, the girl behind this blog.  I'm a 27 year old, born and raised New Yorker. I work at a fabric company by day and blog by night. I love vintage clothing, watching movies and dateline, collecting shoes, and eating fries. 

Fun facts about me:
1. I can't drive. 
2. I moved 4 times in a 10 month span starting summer of 2012
3. I'm obsessed with cats
4. I'm also obsessed with cat prints (also any other animal print)
5. I have a BA is studio art from Brooklyn College and An AAS in Fashion Merchandising from FIT
6. I'm a taurus, but I don't really follow astrology
7. I live on the beach, but love the mountains
8. I love recycling, hence my love of second hand!

Questions, comments, just want to say hi? 
Drop me a line!

Thanks for stopping by!

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