Tuesday, December 31, 2013

vintage new year's eve

new year's eve, 1950's, new york city

Here I am again, on the last day of 2013.  I definitely did not mean to take a month long break, but that seems to be my MO when it comes to blogging.  It's been an interesting year, with lots of ups and downs, but I'm glad that I started blogging and selling vintage again. I'm going into 2014 with an open mind and determination to turn my business into something great. I know I really need to be more organized next year and I've already started working on that. I'm not an organized person by nature, so this has always been a challenge for me.

While new year's can be a depressing holiday, it's always been kind of exciting for me at the same time. It feels like a new start, a new year full of possibilities. Here are some photos of new year's eves past to get you in the mood.

Here's to a great 2014! Cheers!

 new year's eve, c. 1920

new year's eve, c. 1963, new york city 

new year's eve at studio 54, c. 1978, new york city 

 new year's eve, c. 1943, new york city

new year's eve, c. 1946

 new year's eve, c. 1942, philadelphia

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

self portraiture

About a year ago, I did a series of self portraits inspired by Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I definitely have more winter coats than any one person should have. I sold about 5 last winter and I still have at least 4 or 5 in my closet. This is way more than I should have, but, the way I see it is that, during the winter, most people only see your coat, so you really should own more than one. You wouldn't just wear just one dress all summer. Also, since I've gotten all of them (expect for one that was a gift) secondhand, it didn't really break the bank. 

This coat is Urban Outfitters. I found it at Greene Street Consignment last winter. It's one of my favorites. The faux fur collar makes me feel sophisticated (which I'm certainly not) and reminds me of cool 60's coats like this one.  I haven't had much luck finding vintage coats that aren't $1,000,000, so I'll stick to vintage style for now. 

On a side note, I also thrifted these Jeffery Campbell oxfords, in my size for $7.99! Thank you Goodwill!

coat: UO via Greene Street Consignment  |  Dress: Dolce Vita via Crossroads Trading Co.  |  Belt: Greene Street Consignment  |  necklace: Greene Street Consignment  |  Sweater: J Crew via Greene Street Consignment  |  Shoes: Jeffery Campbell via Goodwill

Monday, December 2, 2013

mixtape monday

I haven't done one of these in awhile. Here's a little mixtape for your wild nights (not really.).

cyber monday sale!

The Aspen Tree is having another sale! 15% off everything for cyber monday. Today only. Check it out!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

small business saturday sale!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This is just a quick note to let you know that The Aspen Tree is having a small business saturday sale! 15% off everything in the store with the code "small tree". 

Thanks for supporting my small business!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Breaking out my mustard tights for fall! This dress that I got from Greene Street Consignment is quite possible the most comfortable dress I've ever owned. It's a thick jersey knit, so it's really warm and comfy, but also has a cute shape, so it looks like you dressed up. Also, I still have my Halloween decorations up; I've been lazy. (I finally took them down this week)

I hope you're all staying warm this week!

dress: greene street  |  belt: vintage  |  necklace: greene street  |  tights: free people  |  shoes: modcloth

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

dear creatures: fall 2013

So, my obsession with Dear Creatures continues... Their fall campaign looks like it was shot straight off the set of Mad Men and I want every piece! 

photos from Dear Creatures

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

winter orange

Just a quick outfit post today from indoors. I'm having to move my photo taking sessions inside because it's gotten so cold out! Also, since I work 9-5, I'm only home when it's dark out now! Kind of makes for some weird lighting, but now you can see my cool orange wall! 

I got this dress and these boots when Urban Outfitters had a super sale going on (half off all sale items! are you kidding!), so I basically look like a big ad for Urban in this outfit. Neither one of them actually wound up fitting me very well. I wanted to wear the dress loose, but it had such a weird shape! It's okay belted though. Urban Outfitters shoes never fit me. I wear a size 5 1/2 and the smallest size Urban makes is a 6 and I feel like they tend to run big. I've just been wearing thick socks with these.  I kept both because I really love them in theory and just couldn't part with them! Also, because I'm too lazy to return anything.

dress: Urban Outfitters  |  belt: vintage  |  sweater: Urban Outfitters  |  boots: Urban Outfitters  |  necklace: Madewell

Monday, November 11, 2013

queens county fair

About a month ago, I went to the Queens County Fair, which is held every year at the Queens County Farm Museum. It's was such a fun time! There were all kinds of crafts, animals, a pig race (which I didn't get any great photos of), lots of food trucks and just a generally great atmosphere. I even won a free hay ride with that photo of the stuffed scarecrow! It's really great having this working farm right in Queens. They grow vegetables and have a farmers market there and have great events all year round. It's such an escape and gives me my country fix without having to leave the borough!