Tuesday, November 12, 2013

winter orange

Just a quick outfit post today from indoors. I'm having to move my photo taking sessions inside because it's gotten so cold out! Also, since I work 9-5, I'm only home when it's dark out now! Kind of makes for some weird lighting, but now you can see my cool orange wall! 

I got this dress and these boots when Urban Outfitters had a super sale going on (half off all sale items! are you kidding!), so I basically look like a big ad for Urban in this outfit. Neither one of them actually wound up fitting me very well. I wanted to wear the dress loose, but it had such a weird shape! It's okay belted though. Urban Outfitters shoes never fit me. I wear a size 5 1/2 and the smallest size Urban makes is a 6 and I feel like they tend to run big. I've just been wearing thick socks with these.  I kept both because I really love them in theory and just couldn't part with them! Also, because I'm too lazy to return anything.

dress: Urban Outfitters  |  belt: vintage  |  sweater: Urban Outfitters  |  boots: Urban Outfitters  |  necklace: Madewell

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