Thursday, April 24, 2014

better late than never

So, these photos are kind of misleading and also ridiculous, because I think I took these sometime in February and I'm just getting around to posing them now. This is how lazy I am. Especially during the Winter, I just do not want to do anything but binge watch Netflix. But, I swear, I have been wearing cute outfits! I'm just to lazy to document them. I'm going to try to be more productive this Spring, hence me finally posting these photos. 

These photos were taken on a particularly gorgeous February day in Philadelphia, so they look like them could have been taken now. The dress is a new, vintage one that I got from Auraria. I'm kind of obsessed with the print and it's so comfortable, even though it's not particularly flattering. I'm really trying to move away from the idea that everything we wear needs to be flattering. I think that people should just wear what they like. It's so limiting to only pick out clothing that is a certain shape. Of course I still want to look nice because I'm a human woman, but I'm just trying no to let that limit me as much. I'm also wearing my new Toms wedges that I got as a Christmas present. They are seriously the most comfortable heels I've ever had in my life.

coat: H&M via Crossroads Trading | dress: vintage/Auraria | cardigan: JCrew via Greene Street Consignment | wedges: Toms

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